located in the pacific north west

Hey. The name's Sammiey.


Happily taking up space in the rainy Pacific North West with the love of my life and our two tiny humans.

Always a Harry Potter nerd and a sucker for a cute pair of sunglasses.  I can't say no to a ride on a ferris wheel, and I definitely eat way too many cupcakes for my own good.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

― Albert Schweitzer

My love for the camera began when I was very little.  One of my earliest memories is my dad patiently trying to explain to me that it wasn't necessary to take pictures of the pictures that I drew.  I would dress my poor little sisters up and go through countless disposable cameras playing photographer with them.  Luckily they were not only adorable but very tolerant models.


I became instantly passionate about turning photography into a career when I had my daughter in 2012.  Those precious moments with little ones go by far too quickly and I became determined to record as many as I could.  The joy I have constantly capturing and looking back at memories is something I am so excited to share with others.  I put all my energy into learning everything I could about photography, and it has been a wonderful adventure.  I've never been more determined about a goal and I've definitely never been more excited to learn and practice and grow. I love capturing real emotion. Candid moments are my absolute favorite.


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